Fraud Prevention

Due to the fact that most of the items we sell are high value ATVs and as there has recently been a huge increase in online fraud, we make substantial checks before sending out any items or arranging any collection and or delivery with our customers. We will pursue any violators to the full extent of the law.

This does not affect your consumer rights in any way which are all set out in our terms and conditions. In fact, it makes shopping with us safer and cheaper. All your sensitive details are processed using Sagepay encrypted secure software, and when we do not have chargebacks, we do not have to build these losses into our running costs which keeps our prices low and everyone happy!

Please be aware that we do NOT accept cheques for more than the amount of your order, we will NOT refund the difference to you instead the cheque will be sent to the local police!!

Some of the checks we will make if you pay by credit card are:

  • Checking billing and delivery addresses, we may call you for further information if these addresses are different.
  • Checking IP addresses and physical location where your order was placed. We use sophisticated technology which tells us whether you are placing your order from a semi in Basingstoke, or a fraudulent office in Nigeria.
  • We can also make checks on your email address to see how long it has been active for example, most fraudsters will set up “throwaway” email addresses which they use just the once.
  • We check that all information is asked for during the checkout process, if parts are missed out on high value orders, we will contact you prior to processing your order to collect this information.
  • We ask for card CVC2 and CVV2 verification numbers and expiration datesOn the back of MasterCard, most Visa and Discover credit cards there is a 3-digit security code located right after the credit card number. American Express cards also have a similar security code that is located on the front of the card right above the cardholder’s account number and is usually 4-digits long.
  • Our payment software will request your “Verified By Visa” or “Mastercard SecureCard” details with every transaction.
  • We check negative lists. These check mailing addresses against a database of addresses associated with past chargebacks or fraudulent activity.
  • Finally, we may call or write to you at your registered card address if we are unsure.

We realise these measures look like a lot when they are written down, but any responsible consumer or merchant will want to be safe in the knowledge that all personal details remain personal, and no-one is using your cards but you! If you have an issues with, or questions about, the points set out above, please fell free to email us.

Call +44 (0)1271320727 for all parts and accessories