Brand New OBOR ATV Tyre

The Advent is the top choice for Pro GNCC Riders. Advents are soft compounds designed specifically for competitions. Tested by professional cross-country racers and approved to be one of the best XC tyres on the market. Tyre tread design and compound are engineered to be efficient on XC terrain. Precision with turning and sliding are notable along with excellent traction.


High-ration horizontal and setup groove to block in rear tyre can improve traction performance while cornering. 

Precision and predictable turning and sliding into corners is a major advantage to the Advent’s innovative tread design.

The Advent is available in a two rubber compounds, offering the racer and recreational rider a range of tire/traction options.



Max Load: 155 kgs

PSI: 7

Tread Depth:15/32In / 12mm

Speed / Load Rating: 43N



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