Angle Drive Fluid Advantage: Polaris Angle Drive Fluid is a high-quality lubricant designed for Polaris ORV rear final drives to maintain peak performance longer than standard automotive or aftermarket differential fluids. Polaris Angle Drive uses the latest generation antiwear additive technology to protect against interfacing gear wear, corrosion and oxidation caused by sustained high temperatures.


Outstanding Protection and Proven Performance: Protecting final drive operation. Polaris Angle Drive Fluid, with a thicker viscosity, is designed to provide maximum protection under extreme pressure, lessens corrosion and reduces wear in Polaris ORV angle gear drive systems, ensuring long component life under severe operating conditions


Maintaining drive quality. The proprietary formula provides proper lubrication to critical components of angle drive gear systems. Our optimized viscosity range maximizes rear drive efficiency by maintaining proper film thickness between interacting gear surfaces at any speed and under high loads.