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Regulator Rectifier For Harley Davidson | Motorcycles | 1975-2003

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The AHD6013 and AHD6014 are unique. Basically there are 2 types of regulators that fit many of the Harley Davidson motorcycles from mid to late 70s thru late 90s or early 2000s. There is the single-phase (AHD6014 – 4-wire), and the three-phase (AHD6013 – 5 wire) versions. These 2 regulators are supplied, less all the things that make the regulators different (see many of the other AHD6xxx numbers), like the lead length, plug type, etc. Think of these regulators as kind of a universal fit, where the user then must splice his old leads, connectors, plugs, etc. to the short wires provided with the 2 regulators. It does takes someone with a bit of knowledge to use these, but a motorcycle mechanic, etc. can stock one of each of these and use them to service many different models (by re-using the items mentioned).


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